2016 Inductees

Randy Jensen
 Graduated from Creighton with honors in 1977  A former member of MENSA  Owned and operated Classic Golf for 25 years  Has been established as a leading authority on antique clubs and memorabilia  Has won 8 National Hickory Championships, 7 Golf Collector’s Society World Championships, 2 Canadian Hickory Golf Championships, and 19 Heart of America Hickory Golf Championships  Has been referred to in print as “The Tiger Woods of Hickory Golf”  Published the classic book “Playing Hickory Golf”  Was a founding member of the Society of Hickory Golfers  Holds the world record for most holes of hickory golf played in 1 day: 409 holes
Johnny Goodman
Born in South Omaha in 1909 Parents were Lithuanian immigrants, was orphaned at 14 Was 1 of 13 children Caddied at Field Club Won the Omaha City Championship in 1925 Won 3 Nebraska Amateur Championships (1929, 1930, 1931) Won 3 Trans-Mississippi Amateurs (1927, 1931, 1935) At age 19, defeated Bobby Jones in 1st round of US Am at Pebble Beach(1929) Was the last amateur to win the US Amateur (1937) and U.S. Open (1933) Remained an amateur until 1960 Sold insurance for a living Served in the U.S. Army in WWII Inducted to the Nebraska Golf Hall of Fame in 1990 Never inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame
Alexander Findley
Born in Scotland in 1865 Shot the first ever 72 in competition at Montrose in Scotland at the age of 20 Immigrated to the USA in 1886 In 1887, laid out one of the earliest golf courses in North America. The golf course was at the Merchiston Ranch in Nance County, Nebraska, 130 miles west of Omaha In 1893, Findlay laid out the first 9 hole course in Omaha, Ne. This 9 hole course became Happy Hollow Club on the ground that is now Memorial Park. Designed several hundred golf courses, about 100 exist to this day. Played in 5 U.S. Opens Won the 1901 Mexican Open Personal friend of Queen Victoria in England Played golf with 10 US Presidents and Buffalo Bill Cody Shot his age at 70
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