2018 Inductees

Bill Reed
The first golf club ever placed in the hands of Bill Reed was a hickory shafted mashie forged by A.G. Spalding Bros. The year was 1948 and Bill was 5 years old. The club had previously been used by an Uncle who had been an accomplished amateur golfer. Even as a little kid, it just wasn't enough to have an item, the kid asked questions about who made those items, when, and how they were made. Decades later, Bill figured out why he had asked all of those questions: Bill says that God gave him an appreciation of the history of the Game of Golf, because God didn't give him the talent to play the game
Warren "Ole" Olson
Warren Leslie Olson was known by everyone as "Ole". His birth date was June 21, 1929 and his day of passing was January 24, 2012 at the age of 82. An Honor Guard of Hickory Players in Plus - Fours were in attendance at Ole's memorial service. Warren and Alice Warden were married in 1952 and later that year Warren served the US Army in the Korean Conflict as a Sergeant and was discharged after 2 years, and the Olson's moved to Denison, Iowa to join the family business, a bakery. This great couple ran that business for 50 years. Warren & Alice opened an antique store in 1973 in addition to Olson's Bakery and the shop featured Alice's inventory of glass & pottery of the depression era and many of the historical golf artifacts that was a major part of Ole's life.
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